Monday, May 4, 2009

A Feature That Will Intrigue You! If You Comment!

Do you know what makes me really, really sad, you guys? It is when I cannot respond personally to every single comment on the site, because I love them all. I read them! I care about them! They light up, as the saying goes, my life!

Therefore, it is time for a NEW FEATURE: Comments of the Week! Yes, it is time, my friends: time to honor three (3) comments from last week's posts. We will do this on Monday, in honor of New Beginnings, and also Monda, the God of Witty and Concise Blog Comments, who I just made up.

Here they are!

From angryyoungwoman, on Triumphs of Unintentionally Feminist Humor:
So how do we create the society portrayed in this film?

I'm thinking now of watching this with the bf and then murmuring "the drone must die" during sex. You know, just to see how he reacts.
From WildlyParenthetical, on Forgetting Sarah Marshall:
The thing that made me angriest about that movie was that that lil speech that Kristen Bell makes (that last one in your post) totally opened up a space for actually looking at how much work women wind up doing in relationships, and the tendency for men to not feel like they have to take care of the relationship at all... and the way that the 'bitch dumped me' attempt to blame it all on the woman is usually just an attempt to disavow responsibility... and then the film does the equivalent of sticking its fingers in its ears and going 'nahnahnahnah, I'm not listening!'. It's so horrible. And Some Lady is such a weird character: they have nothing in common except feeling sorry for him... and we're meant to believe that's a good grounding for a future relationship? Ugh.
From Katherine, on Sexist Beatdown:
I can't read it, I just can't! I shall watch the Wicker Man instead. Also, Queen Latifah > hot boss every time. Wait, what if she was the hot boss? Conundrum!
Honor the Commenters of the Week! Praise them! THEY ARE YOUR NEW GODS! Also, leave more comments, please. Because I love them. So very, very much.


  1. Oh I get to post the first comment on the post about comments and how very wondrefull they are. And I'm doin it simply to say that I love you so very very much(in a non-Jason-Segel-stalkerish kind of way!)

    I glued the tigerbeatdown for teenz-post on to the wall of a bathroom in my school. The students aren't teens any more but some are well on their way to being men-children so it's still on their level.

  2. So, the Beatdown pantheon now consists of Monda (God of Witty and Concise Blog Comments--whom I scorn), angryyoungwoman (God of A'frighting the Menfolk), WildlyParenthetical (God of the Agitated Stage Whisper), and Katherine (God of Being Katherine). Whew, I need some more white bulls.

  3. *strut*

    Also, I lol'ed the first time at angryyoungwoman's "the drone must die" during sex comment, and I have to say, it's aging like wine. Triumphs of Unintentionally Feminist Humor has become my go-to instahappy post. Keep up the awesome, Sady and commentariat!

  4. Sorry, can't comment. I have performance anxiety now. THANKS A LOT, SADY.

  5. @mir: To be fair, I just deleted a comment that was the word "rape" typed 54 times. Ohhh, you got me, anonymous commenter dude! So, you know. I think you're good.

  6. hah, now I have to be clever... I will come back later. :)

  7. @canomia: OH MY GOD. My dream of screaming at students has been realized! I may never be able to thank you enough for this honor.

  8. Aww. I are godlike. Who knew? I thought it was just you, Sady ;-)